News: "The seemingly pleasant, down-to-earth sensibility of the American Midwest has been upended by a new radicalism"


Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility: News Releases ENVIRONMENTAL PROMOTION TIED TO CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS — Florida DEP Dropped Enforcement Actions After Handpicked Supervisor Promoted


WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY: Secrecy, Propaganda Seen Sweeping U.S.
CJR May/June 2005: Stations of the Cross: "Thanks to Christian radio's rapid growth, religious stations now outnumber every other format except country music and news-talk." - Survivors of war take fatal risks on roads
Fund-Raising: Take It to the (West) Bank - Newsweek National News - "Money meant for the inner city went to fight the intifada."


The Seattle Times: Evangelical Christians dominate Air Force Academy, report says: "There is a clear preference for Christianity at the academy, so that everyone else feels like a second-class citizen."


The Daytona Beach News-Journal: Business: "John Rutledge, a Bush administration economist, speculates Americans are starting to tire of their love affair with gas-guzzling vehicles.

'Americans are beginning to understand that one Hummer equals one American soldier in Iraq,' Rutledge told an investment forum in Ormond Beach last month."