Red Ryder Claims Another Victim
The Repeatedly Re-Elected Autocrat
Prince Bandar and Some Saudis Cheerleading for a Bombing Campaign Against Iran? | TPMCafe: "Ambassador Turki's decision to resign not only had to do with his refusal to tolerate the unprofessionalism of Bandar and Massoud -- but with the signals that Bandar and Massoud have sent to Cheney, David Addington and others on Cheney's national security staff that Saudi Arabia would 'acquiesce to, accept, and not interfere with' American military action against Iran."
CJR Daily: The "Good News" Chorus Sings On


Top Air Force Lawyer Had Been Disbarred - "A top Air Force lawyer who served at the White House and in a senior position in Iraq turns out to have been practicing law for 23 years without a license"