The Columbus Dispatch - Local/State: "a third of the state funding received by each school was pocketed by Brennan’s operation" "$21 billion U.S. effort to end short of goals "


Some Say Civil War Already Started - Los Angeles Times: "Bush and top advisors tout progress, but U.S. lawmakers and Iraq's Allawi sharply disagree."
The New Yorker: The Talk of the Town: "Bush deserves censure, not only for the warrantless wiretapping but also for the many other catastrophes his Administration has generated, including the manipulation of intelligence to justify the Iraq war, the willful failure to heed warnings of what the invasion’s aftermath would entail, the sanctioning of torture, and the neglect of “homeland security”—to say nothing of a set of domestic policies that sacrifice solvency, safety, the environment, and elementary fairness on the altar of enriching the rich in the name of Christian compassion."


Bush's Iran plan a time bomb with explosive results - Business - Business
The 'Long War'? Oh, Goodie: "the Pentagon has decided to fight what it is now calling 'the Long War.' Has anyone asked you about this? Me, neither. Nor has anyone asked Congress. The administration — mostly Donald Rumsfeld — just decided we would have a long war and declared it, and is now committing us to fight against a fuzzy ideology no one seems to be able to define."
A Sliding Scale for Victory - Los Angeles Times: "We've been in a civil war for more than a year."