Daytona Beach News-Journal Online: Elections "officials admit that delays caused by [a years-old problem in Diebold memory] cards may have deterred voters, that the problem adds to the cost of elections and that faulty cards caused egregious errors in some elections."


libretto: "Mackris v. O’Reilly Libretto"


UPDATE 1-Wall Street's fear gauge drops to near historic low |"Wall Street's fear gauge, is closing in on a low not seen in more than a decade"
Blue Horseshoe likes Democrats.
The Columbus Dispatch - Local/State: "As in many economic categories, Ohio is racing to the bottom."

Wednesday | 11/14/2006 | Sarasota vote recount begins with a lawsuit: "The computer expert" hired by the State of Florida to analyze the glitches in the 13th District congressional race "told the Tallahassee Democrat on Dec. 3, 2000, while wearing a ''Bush Won'' sign on the steps of the Florida Supreme Court: ''I'll never be a passive political participant again.''"
Democracy Now! | Out of Iraq or More Troops? A Debate on Withdrawal with Fmr. Senator George McGovern, Congressman Dennis Kucinich and AEI's Joshua Muravchik: Kucinich: "there's one solution here, and it's not to engage in a debate with the President, who has taken us down a path of disaster in Iraq, but it's for Congress to assume the full power that it has under the Constitution to cut off funds. We don't need to keep indulging in this debate about what to do, because as long as we keep temporizing, the situation gets worse in Iraq."
- - Toledo Blade compares Tom Noe to murder suspect.
First Coast News - Florida State News - Abramoff to Report to Prison Wednesday