I just received a robo-call: "Hello. I'm calling to invite all the men in your household to the Church for Men. Our first meeting is at the YMCA..."

WTF? Maybe it's some kind of double-secret reverse psychology: "[recipient of call thinking] Well, I know how Republican candidates used robo-calls purporting to be from Democrats, to alienate potential Democratic voters. So this call must be some ultraliberal atheist plot to discredit the Church for Men. If the God-haters are going to these lengths, then the Church for Men must be really great, and they need my support, too!"

If that's not it, then I really don't get it. Maybe it's just because I'm not a man. Maybe this deep, masculine electronically generated voice was painstakingly programmed to overcome men's innate distrust of organized religion. Too bad Keith wasn't home.


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