Analysts Behind Iraq Intelligence Were Rewarded: "Two Army analysts whose work has been cited as part of a key intelligence failure on Iraq -- the claim that aluminum tubes sought by the Baghdad government were most likely meant for a nuclear weapons program rather than for rockets -- have received job performance awards in each of the past three years, officials said."


Scandal rocks Ohio GOP insider / He can't account for millions state put in his rare coin fund: "Noe's lawyers said as much as $13 million of the state's $50 million investment in his funds cannot be accounted for. Noe, meanwhile, has become the focus of at least six investigations or audits involving either his handling of the coin investments or his campaign fund raising. Federal investigators are also looking into his contributions to President Bush in 2004, when he was a 'pioneer' for Bush, raising more than $100,000.
And suddenly, Republicans who once stood staunchly at Noe's side, and at his fund-raising parties, can't seem to run away fast enough from him. "