Guardian | Tarnished image abroad fails to register with Americans at home: "the latest in a string of episodes which started soon after President George Bush launched his so-called war on terror."


New indictment revises conspiracy charge in phone jamming case At the time, Tobin was a high ranking official of the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, whose job was to elect Republicans to the Senate. The 2002 race between Republican John E. Sununu and Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, won by Sununu, was considered one of the closest in the country.

The committee was run by Sen. Bill Frist of Tennessee, now Senate majority leader.

In 2004, Tobin was regional chairman of Bush´s re-election campaign.


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Daily Times - Site Edition: "If Newsweek has apologised for the Quran desecration story which had no sound basis, the Bush administration also owes an apology to the American people for the Iraq war "


Mr Galloway goes to Washington - Comment - Times Online: "For the silent majority (the ones who did not vote for Bush), Mr Galloway's visit provided a brief respite from the depressing day-to-day life in this military-industrial complex that cannot exist without being at war with the rest of the world."


Editorial: Newsweek/It doesn't deserve the diatribes: "For Newsweek and other media that come in for this treatment, we have one word: Resist."
Galloway vs. The US Senate: Transcript of Statement I told the world that Iraq, contrary to your claims did not have weapons of mass destruction.
I told the world, contrary to your claims, that Iraq had no connection to al-Qaeda.
I told the world, contrary to your claims, that Iraq had no connection to the atrocity on 9/11 2001.
I told the world, contrary to your claims, that the Iraqi people would resist a British and American invasion of their country and that the fall of Baghdad would not be the beginning of the end, but merely the end of the beginning.
Senator, in everything I said about Iraq, I turned out to be right and you turned out to be wrong and 100,000 people paid with their lives; 1600 of them American soldiers sent to their deaths on a pack of lies; 15,000 of them wounded, many of them disabled forever on a pack of lies.
Robert Jensen and Pat Youngblood: Pinning the Blame on Newsweek: "why the focus on the Newsweek story? It's part of the tried-and-true strategy of demonize, disguise, and divert. Demonize the news media to disguise the real causes of the resistance to occupation and divert attention from failed U.S. policies."
The resignation of Scott McClellan - Bloggermann - "Whenever I hear Scott McClellan talking about 'media credibility,' I strain to remember who it was who admitted Jeff Gannon to the White House press room and called on him all those times. "
Report Says Treasury Missed Iraq Oil Abuses: "The U.S. Treasury Department failed to adequately monitor U.S. companies that violated U.N. sanctions against Iraq"


Diane Farsetta: Senate Holds "Fake News" Hearing
Newsweek Got Gitmo Right - by News Freedom of the press deathwatch.
The Daytona Beach News-Journal: "It's a very big concern that parents are being coerced to drug their children in a billion-dollar-a-year industry"


Telegraph | News | Trigger-happy US troops 'will keep us in Iraq for years': "Trigger-happy US troops 'will keep us in Iraq for years'"