- - Prosecutors claim Noe attorneys may be called on to testify at trial
State Tracked Protesters in the Name of Security - Los Angeles Times: "...a practice that senior law enforcement officials say is an abuse of civil liberties."


Old WMD News and Declassification Hypocrisy | TPMCafe: "If Colin Powell had gone to the United Nations in February of 2003 and rested the Administration’s case on the fact that Iraq still possessed degraded weapons from before the first Gulf War, he would have been laughed out of the room."
Paul Craig Roberts: the High Price of American Gullibility



AP Wire | 06/24/2006 | Judge seals documents in battle over coin dealer's attorneys: "Prosecutors in the case of a major GOP fundraiser accused of stealing from a state investment in rare coins tried to have his attorneys disqualified, but a judge sealed court documents explaining why."

Sunday | 06/25/2006 | Did feds foil -- or foster -- terror plot?: "The defendants had no guns or other weapons when they were arrested last week. The (FBI) did provide some boots and a camera for the suspects to photograph a North Miami Beach FBI office and other local targets"