U.S. Seeks Silence on CIA Prisons -
California eVoting: Push Here to Vote (Again): "anyone intending to electronically stuff the ballot box -- can switch the machine to manual operation and then vote as often as they like.
The unit will be widely in use in California, as well as in other states throughout the country"


Democrats say hunger report stalled - Yahoo! News: "The report has shown steady increases in the number of people struggling with hunger, from 31 million in 1999 to 38 million in 2004."
Daytona Beach News-Journal Online The latest glitch is an example of the controversy associated with Diebold machines


U.S. Drops Bid Over Royalties From Chevron - New York Times: "The decision also sets a precedent that could make it easier for oil and gas companies to lower the value of what they pump each year from federal property and thus their payments to the government."

Monday | 10/28/2006 | Glitches cited in early voting
Secrecy News DoD Contractor Improperly Blocked Release of Info

Guess which one.