Al-Ahram Weekly interviews Mohamed el-Baradei
What would make you withdraw your support?
KRT Wire | 04/07/2006 | Libby testimony shows a White House pattern of intelligence leaks: "the information that the administration leaked or declassified, however, has proved to be incomplete, exaggerated, incorrect or fabricated"


Bush Faces Rare Audience Challenge in N.C.: "just what the White House wanted"

Wednesday "this doctrine – that the Bush administration has the right to invade other nations for reasons as vague as social engineering – represents a repudiation of the Nuremberg Principles and the United Nations Charter’s ban on aggressive war, both formulated largely by American leaders six decades ago."


Los Angeles Times: Bone drugs' reverse danger: "Serious adverse reactions that weren't apparent in premarket tests emerge in half of all prescription medications."
FCC Chairman Martin: Repeal of Cross-Ownership Ban Overdue: "newspapers must “educate the public about the changing media landscape,” and the benefits of ending the 31-year-old ban on same-market ownership of newspaper and broadcast stations.
The Cost of War
Secrecy News: "the Buyer proposal would effectively transfer to the executive branch the power to approve or deny membership on the intelligence or defense appropriations committees"


How the GOP Became God's Own Party: "there is a potent change taking place in this country's domestic and foreign policy, driven by religion"


Think Progress » VIDEO: Gen. Zinni Calls on Rumsfeld and Others to Resign for ‘Disastrous Mistakes’ in Iraq: "those that have been responsible for the planning, for overriding all the efforts that were made in planning before that, that those that stood by and allowed this to happen that didn’t speak out — and there were appropriate ways within the system you can speak out, at congressional hearings and otherwise — I think they have to be held accountable."