- -: "Mrs. Noe was one of several coin-fund wives who benefited financially from their husbands' jobs."
THE NEWSROOM: Cheney + Pakistan = Iran: VP Helped Cover-Up Pakistani Nuclear Proliferation So US Could Sell Country Fighter Jets
The Free Press -- Independent News Media - International Issues: "Scandal-plagued Halliburton -- the oil services company once headed by Vice President Cheney -- sold an Iranian oil development company key components for a nuclear reactor, say Halliburton sources with intimate knowledge into both companies' business dealings"
U.S. Newswire : Releases : "Culture of Corruption Grows: Sixth Bush Fundraiser..." UNDER INVESTIGATION: MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR A BASKETBALL TEAM U.S.: "U.S. House Republicans, Beset by Scandal, Want Higher Donations"
:: Jack in the House :: How Jack Abramoff bought Congress ::


KR Washington Bureau | 08/11/2005 | Audit: Fraud drained $1 billion from Iraq's defense efforts: "a pattern of deception and sloppiness that squandered more than half the Defense Ministry's annual budget.....with about 20 American civilian advisers working alongside Iraqi defense chiefs..... [Defense minister] al-Dulaimi said, 'I blame those who posted them (the officials under investigation). And, by the way, the CPA posted them.'"
Iraqis thirst for water and power | "This summer, the third since the fall of Baghdad, has been the worst yet when it comes to basic services. Interruptions to electricity and water supplies - caused by both decay and sabotage - are driving up the frustrations of millions of Iraqis. "


LaTourette attributes flip-flop on CAFTA to tariff no one pays: "He's either been duped or is not being honest"
- -: "Tom Noe used his American Express credit card from Thomas Noe, Inc.--the same entity he's accused of using as a vehicle to steal millions of dollars from Ohio's rare-coin funds--to contribute $10,000 to California's governor."
Criminal No. 1:05CR225: USA V.a Lawrence Anthony Franklin, Steven J. Rose, Keith Weissman
ZNet |Foreign Policy | Bigger Than AIPAC


Sirotablog: The D.C. Democratic Establishment's disconnect on Iraq: "in a memo sent to all Democratic House Members about what Democrats should learn from the Hackett race, the DCCC makes not one mention of the Iraq War and its effect on the election. Not one. It is as if the party is going out of its way to deny the importance of Democrats taking a strong position against the war"
CounterPunch: America's Best Political Newsletter: "In the 21st century job growth in the US economy has consistently reflected that of a Third World country--low productivity domestic services jobs. This goes on month after month and no one catches on--least of all the economists and the policymakers"


Country Joe McDonald, My First Protest Song And here, for comparison, is my latest protest song: Support the Troops
American Prospect Online - ViewWeb: "The new disclosure that Miller and Libby met on July 8, 2003, raises questions regarding claims by President Bush that he and everyone in his administration have done everything possible to assist Fitzgerald's grand-jury probe."