Wednesday - Pliant American press behaving like Pravda in coverage of the U.S. president: "The Senate committee promised last summer to probe what role the White House may have played in concocting the faulty intelligence -- but only after the presidential election.
Once the president was re-elected last fall, the Senate committee chairman, Republican Pat Roberts, simply cancelled the promised investigation of the White House's role, insisting it would be 'a monumental waste of time to replow this ground any further.'
Replow it further? How about plowing it once?"


Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | A fiction as powerful as WMD: "The occupation's sectarian discourse has acquired a hold as powerful as the WMD fiction that prepared the public for war. Iraqis are portrayed as a people who can't wait to kill each other once left to their own devices. In fact, the occupation is the main architect of institutionalised sectarian and ethnic divisions; its removal would act as a catalyst for Iraqis to resolve some of their differences politically."