Think Progress » Gen. Batiste: Rumsfeld ‘Served Up Our Great Military A Huge Bowl of Chicken Feces’
- -: "Not only was he a very effective fund-raiser, he was very generous with his own money as well. Oh, excuse me, that’s right ... it wasn’t his own money."


In Defense of War Photographers: "What this is all about, is an attempt by right wing blogs to muddy the waters and somehow claim, like Michele Malkin and Rush Limbaugh have, that Qana and other civilians deaths in Lebanon are staged."
IRAQ FOR SALE: The War Profiteers


Attytood: "Rockey I": If it sounds too good to be true...: "Turns out that the earthy Vaccarella -- a highly successful businessman in the fast-food industry -- is indeed a Republican pol, having run unsuccessfully under the GOP banner for a seat on the St. Bernard Parish commission back in 1999. "
Israel Regroups on Approach to War Inquiry - Los Angeles Times: "After one day's work, the Israeli government suspended its review of the way it conducted the war in Lebanon, officials said Tuesday, as scores of reserve soldiers back from the fighting rallied here to press for the resignation of top political figures."
Marines Set to Call Up Thousands for Iraq, Afghan Duty - Los Angeles Times "the latest sign that American armed forces are under strain and a potential signal of the growing unpopularity of the Iraq war among young veterans."