Vote scan begins; final tally days away: "Last week, Blackwell decided to end the practice of letting parties finalize their observer list the day before the election. He said the lists had to be final 11 days before the election. [In an 11 a.m. Monday ruling, Common Pleas Judge Timothy McMonagle ordered Blackwell to allow the party to change polling place observers through 4 p.m. Monday.] Blackwell did not send out a directive until 4 p.m., leading McMonagle to extend his order until 6 p.m. Monday."
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- toledoblade.com -: "a reminder that Ms. Montgomery’s ties to a flashy GOP businessman, big contributor, and fund-raiser — and eventual convicted felon — did not start with Tom Noe"
Biotech Rice Saga Yields Bushel of Questions for Feds - washingtonpost.com: "Federal officials are still investigating how the experimental 'LLRICE601' escaped from Bayer's test plots after the company dropped the project in 2001. When they announced 10 weeks ago that the unapproved variety had become widespread in the nation's long-grain-rice supply, countries around the world blocked imports from the United States, rice futures plummeted and hundreds of farmers sued Bayer."