In Iraq, giving birth is complicated by war - Yahoo! News: "After the 2003 war that toppled
Saddam Hussein, the number of women who gave birth at home shot up to about two-thirds. Of those, 80 percent had nobody with any formal training present at the birth....Violence has prevented medical experts from measuring the maternal mortality rate since late 2003, when the number of Iraqi women who died from childbirth climbed to 370 per 100,000 - triple its 1990 rates and 31 times the US rate of 12."
Many Kids Still Don't Think Tobacco Is Addictive - Yahoo! News: "'Over the 20-month [child smoking prevention] program, about half the children increased their positive attitudes about smoking.'"

Neither of the news stories, nor the study abstract, identifies the source of the smoking "prevention" materials used by the two large HMOs.

Monday - Firm of EPA nominee linked to Grace: "President Bush has nominated as chief of enforcement for the Environmental Protection Agency a partner in a law firm defending W.R. Grace & Co. against criminal charges in a major environmental case."