Democracy Now! | Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid: Jimmy Carter In His Own Words: "that doesn't preclude an incumbent administration from demonstrating with their own actions and words that they are concerned about Israeli peace, they are also concerned about peace and justice for the Palestinians. And that's what I did. It’s what Richard Nixon did. It’s what Ronald Reagan did after I left office. It’s what George Bush, Sr. did. It’s what Bill Clinton did. But it's not being done now. "
And related to the last post, can it be coincidental that just days after the election, the still heavily Republican controlled Ohio legislature may be willing to reverse decades of opposition to
mental health insurance parity?


NEW HAVEN ADVOCATE - NEW HAVEN ADVOCATE: "a direct link between mental illness and support for President Bush"
Iran/contra: 20 Years Later and What It Means
Increase in carbon dioxide emissions accelerating (Media Release): "fossil fuels are having an impact on greenhouse gas concentrations in a way we haven’t seen in the past"


Los Angeles Times: Insurers learn to pinpoint risks -- and avoid them: "Allstate now sorts its home and auto policyholders into 384 categories, up from the three that it used until a few years ago. At Bloomington, Ill.-based State Farm, the nation's largest auto and home insurer, the number of categories the company uses has increased 100-fold. At Cleveland-area-based auto insurer Progressive, the number runs into the millions....'If I have a lot of house fires, [insurance companies] should charge me more,' said Washington state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler. 'But when insurers reach and grab information like credit or occupation or education, people say, "Wait a minute. I thought we were talking about insuring my home or auto. What does occupation or education have to do with it?"'"
Texas ethics panel's cash-gift decision attacked | - Houston Chronicle: "What the Ethics Commission has done is legalize bribery in the state of Texas"
Civil War in Iraq Near, Annan Says - "Saudi Arabia is so concerned about the damage that the conflict in Iraq is doing across the region that it basically summoned Vice President Cheney for talks over the weekend, according to U.S. officials and foreign diplomats."