Tyco Exec: Abramoff Claimed Ties to Administration Abramoff, Rove, their mutual secretary, and Tyco's general counsel who's recently been nominated as Deputy Attorney General. Mind boggled yet?
Fiscal Policy: Why 'Stupid' Fits: "The idea seems to be that to help Katrina's poor and suffering victims, other poor and suffering people will have to sacrifice." U.S.: "If a Democratic administration had pursued the fiscal policies and put the nation in the fiscal posture it's now in, the business community would be outraged and on the ramparts"

"the question is, Who is making policy in this country? Is it these six trade groups, or is it the elected representatives of the people?"


Think Progress - Progressives Can Do Better "it’s possible to cut far more unnecessary federal spending ($688 billion), accomplish it in half the time (just five years), and do it while upholding the principles of fiscal responsibility and concern for the common good."
GAO: Abstract: "GAO found numerous problems in DOD's processes for recording and reporting costs for [the global war on terrorism], raising significant concerns about the overall reliability of DOD's reported cost data. As a result, neither DOD nor Congress can reliably know how much the war is costing and details on how appropriated funds are being spent, or have historical data useful in considering future funding needs."


Pentagon has yet to deliver Halliburton documents: "To add insult to injury, the Army in July gave KBR a $4.97 billion one-year contract to provide logistics support for U.S. troops in Iraq, a move that came in the midst of criticism aimed at Halliburton and the government's contracting practices. Additionally, Halliburton had already earned $9.1 billion from logistics work in Iraq.

In the past year, Halliburton stock has more than doubled. It went up from $31.40 to $66.44, according to"

Tuesday - News - EXCLUSIVE: UP IN FLAMES: "'There will be a cloud of smoke above Little Rock soon - of burned food, of anger and of shame that the world's richest nation couldn't organise a p**s up in a brewery.'"


- -: "Unless we change the system, we're going to get the same results. If we elected all Democrats -- same system, same results"