ArmsControlWonk | an arms control weblog: Iran's 164 Centrifuge Cascade "In the preliminary stages of the work, we noticed that our machines broke down frequently. We couldnʹt discover the cause, since we didnʹt have any scientific sources or books to refer to. After great efforts we discovered that our experts didnʹt wear fabric gloves during the assembly phase. We found out that when you assemble the parts with bare hands, germs are transferred to the machinery from the smallest amount of sweat which comes off the hands.

This little amount of germs is enough to trouble and destroy the machine. When we say a machine is destroyed we mean that it turns into powder."
- - Documents released recently allege that Mr. Noe wrote checks from money in the state’s coin funds to his friends, forged their signatures, and then deposited the money — a total of $440,200 — into accounts he controlled.


The New Yorker: The Talk of the Town: "muddling through the rest of the Bush Presidency, without being forced to admit defeat, until January of 2009, when the war will become a new President’s problem"
Letter Reveals Reason for Firing of Vermont AP Chief


Bush challenges hundreds of laws - The Boston Globe: "Bush has been aggressive about declaring his right to ignore vast swaths of laws "