Fascism Anyone?
Minister steps aside amid Iraq oil crisis. 31/12/2005. ABC News Online: "Ahmad Chalabi has assumed direct control of the powerful oil ministry "


An Extensive Web of Financial Ties What vast right-wing conspiracy?
Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Shock, awe and Hobbes have backfired on America's neocons
The Seattle Times: "Absolutely terrifying" flight after ground-crew mistake: "Alaska saw an increase in ground-damage incidents at Sea-Tac after it replaced 472 unionized workers in May with workers from Menzies Aviation, based near London, the airline said."

And NASA wants to finish the work on the New Horizon probe - powered by 24 pounds of plutonium - using replacement workers.
Covert CIA Program Withstands New Furor: "'They could have separated the big question from classified details to operations and had an open debate. Instead, an inner circle of lawyers and advisers worked around the dissenters in the administration and one-upped each other with extreme arguments.'"
Live Vote: Should Bush be impeached? - Politics - "179981 responses"
What's wrong with the economy?
The boom that wasn't: "Unfortunately for most Americans, the tax cuts since 2001 have not made today's economy stronger. Over the last five fiscal years, the tax cuts have had a direct cost of $860 billion and (with interest costs) a total effect on the deficit of $929 billion. By creating excessive permanent deficits, they have lowered our future standard of living."


The Fast Rise and Steep Fall of Jack Abramoff: "The foundation was ostensibly created to help inner-city children through organized sports. There is no evidence money went to city kids, but the foundation did fund some of Abramoff's pet projects: a sniper school for Israelis in the West Bank"


A Political Debate On Stress Disorder: "the government is trying to limit expensive benefits for emotionally scarred troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan" | 12/26/2005 | Fear destroys what bin Laden could not


Chalabi�s defeat puts U.S. friends in quandary - Conflict in Iraq - "Preliminary results in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad indicate that Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress scored a minuscule 0.36 percent of the votes.
Out of almost 2.5 million voters in Baghdad, only 8,645 voted for Chalabi."


US eyes big Pakistan, India arms sales - Yahoo! News: "The Bush administration is maneuvering to balance possible big new U.S. arms sales to archrivals India and Pakistan in the new year."