Not that I've read the whole 168 pages or anything. But a few random thoughts on the Iraq spending bill: (pdf)

(1) The bill gives full props and power to the CiC. §§1908(a), 1909. Does anyone remember Reagan's certifications of "human rights progress" in Guatemala in the '80s? Does anyone doubt that Bush can keep an indefinite number of troops in Iraq indefinitely under the FOUR (count 'em) missions on which the bill permits indefinite deployment? §1904(f).

(2) Out of the $120-some billion in the bill, only about $10 billion is set to expire in 9/08. More of that is earmarked for Afghanistan than for Iraq.

(3) Another several billion dollars in funding is set to expire 9/09, which is utterly symbolic since the spending bills are good for only two years anyhow.

(4) Deadlines on spending merely encourage the Administration to spend the money faster. Then come back for more. Duh. Remember the Great White Fleet? Okay, I'm too young, too. Teddy Roosevelt wanted to send the Navy around the world in a show of force. Congress refused to fund the mission. So as CiC, Roosevelt deployed the Navy to just sail. And, when they ran out of money in Japan, left it up to Congress whether they wanted to fund the return trip or not.

So, are you *still* proud of your Representative for voting for the bill?

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