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What Caring for Illegal Immigrants Costs - Prescriptions Blog - "contrary to popular perception, immigrants actually cost the health care system less per person than do natives of the United States. Nor do illegal immigrants make up a disproportionate share of the costs to public programs like Medicaid"

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Susan, the rational comparison would have been between the cost to US taxpayers of illegal aliens if they had remained in their home country against what they cost US taxpayers by being in the US. Even if what you say were true, it's ludicrous to say that American taxpayers are getting a good deal because the $ billions spent on illegal aliens is less than what it would have cost for the same number of US citizens. The NYT article also pointed out that "study" conflated immigrants and illegal aliens; something pro-amnesty groups always try to do.

Finally Susan, did you bother to follow the links in the NYT article back to the study? I did and found that the study had a number of flaws that puts grave doubts on its findings. Remember, for any study to produce good reliable data, it must begin with a valid representative sample. The cited study did neither! ipso facto it is a JUNK STUDY.